Collection Placement Form

The Collection Process

How it works

Step 1:  Notification and Education

We notify the debtor of the collection in writing and afford them a fair opportunity to repay or dispute the debt prior to being listed on We also provide the debtor with a link to our website and inform them of the disclosure policies associated with

Step 2: Engaging the debtor

If the debt remains unpaid, we begin the active collection process. The debt is posted “live” on the website, and we provide the debtor with a link to the listing. Once again, we encourage the debtor to address the past-due bill immediately.

Step 3: Aligning Priorities

All our collectors are trained be an advocate for the debtor. We aim to be a problem solver versus a problem creator. Our number-one priority is to recover the client’s money quickly and with as little disruption to the debtor’s business as possible. Once the debt is retired, the debtor's web entry is notated and the file is closed.

Download our Collection Placement Form.

Why it Works

Reason #1: Exposure

Successful debtors have mastered the ability to control and contain information about the true financial health of their enterprise. threatens that control and shifts the power back to the creditor through public exposure of the debt.

Reason #2: Posting only just and legal debt obligations

We screen every debt prior to posting a new listing. is NOT A DUMPING GROUND for disputed seafood bills. Creditors must sign a document attesting to the fact that claims submitted are not in dispute or offset by a counter-claim.

Reason #3: Operated by trained and trusted industry professionals is an extremely powerful and persuasive collection tool. With that power, comes responsibility. was founded by Neal Workman - an industry veteran with over 25 years of credit and collections experience in the seafood industry. We employ a unified team of highly motivated, NPW-trained industry collection experts. We aim to recover past-due bills as quickly and respectfully as possible.

Download our Collection Placement Form.
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