Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone post a listing on

Is it legal?

No. They must be placed for collection with (SDDC)

What about disputed "fish bills", who screens the listings?

SDDC requires the creditor to sign a form attesting to the fact that the invoices are not disputed or offset by counter-claims. The creditor must also be able to say that they have never been notified in writing questioning the validity of the debt. All listings on the website have been screened by SDDC and determined to be "just and legal debts" before they are accepted.

Does the debtor get a chance to respond before being listed?

Yes. The debtor is notified by telephone, fax or email, and given ample opportunity to respond to the collection demands prior to being listed. Debtors who are uncooperative or non-responsive are listed.

Does everyone who gets placed for collection show up?

No. SDDC has the option whether or not to list a debtor who responds during the initial demand period. SDDC maintains the right to remove debtors who have repaid a creditor based on the timeliness of their response.

Is everyone listed on SDDC automatically reported to all the major Internet search engines?

No. SDDC controls which listings are "released" to outside Internet search engines.

Why would I want to punish a non-performing customer by listing them on

SDDC is not a tool to punish or embarrass the debtor. SDDC has the same primary goal as the creditor – to recover the debt owed.

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