Pay Your Debt

What is, and why am I listed here? is a collection service for the commercial seafood industry, where we display the names of companies who have been placed for collection and chosen to ignore their debt. We also act as an industry search engine and screening tool - with an estimated industry audience of 20,000. This website may be viewed by debtors - suppliers, competitors and customers - as well as the banks, credit and insurance agencies that service them.

You have been listed here because we have been unable to recover the listed debt by any other means. We notified you of the debt in writing and afforded you a fair opportunity to repay or dispute the debt prior to listing this debt on

I am unaware of any debt. Why is my business listed here?

We encourage you to contact us immediately by calling 617.338.8200. We screen every debt prior to posting a new listing. is NOT A DUMPING GROUND for disputed seafood bills. The creditor has signed a document attesting to the fact that the claim submitted is not in dispute or offset by a counter-claim.

How do I remove my listing from

First and foremost, we encourage you to address the past-due bill immediately by calling us at 617.338.8200. We aim to be a problem solver versus a problem creator. Our number-one priority is to recover the client’s money quickly and with as little disruption to your business as possible. Once the debt is retired, your web entry is notated and the file is closed. We aim to recover past-due bills as quickly and respectfully as possible.

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